Jennifer Lopez New Song "What Is Love"

UPDATE: Another source is crediting Wynter Gordon from Flo Rider's "Suger" as the writer of the new JLo song. Wynter is said to be upset about the recent leak of the Jennifer Lopez song, and this is what she had to say in response to the sudden appearance on the Internet.

“Dangerously angry at the ‘what is love’ leak … I cant,” Wynter tweeted. “That song meant too much to me for it to end like this …. wow is all i can say.”

Ok guys we had the download link up here for you all to download the HQ version of the song, but we had to take it down, due to the rules and laws of the DMCA. So we just added a youtube video uploaded by another youtube viewer.


Jasmine said...

I don't like it :(
It's not JLO enough!

Anonymous said...

i downloaded the link u had up before
hot just hot love this jlo track

Shevy said...

I really like it too. I actually love it now that I have played it a few more times. This is the song stuck in my head now lol.