Jennifer Lopez Fashion Transformation

Jennifer Lopez might claim she's still the same ol' "Jenny from the Block," but those of us who've been following the Boriqua beauty since her Fly Girl days know how much she's changed. Nowhere is that more apparent than in her fashion choices. With each stage of her career -- and with each of her high-profile relationships -- Lopez's fashion philosophy has morphed. With looks ranging from bandannas and bared midriffs to scandalous Grammy gowns (you know the one) to glamorous show-stoppers like her 2009 Golden Globes dress, the Bronx native's fashion portfolio is nothing if not diverse.

Check out how this Puerto Rican triple threat's style has transformed over the last 18 years. Watch Jennifer Lopez transform from a sweet-faced starlet to the red carpet queen we know and love. By BlackVoices

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TamTam said...

That fist picture is cute.

The JLo Spot said...

Yeah thats her fly girl days, so funny.