Jennifer Lopez Decides to Celebrate Birthday in Cyprus

Posted on 02 July 2010 by
Anastasios Papapostolou

According to Turkish media reports, Jennifer Lopez will be paid $3 Million dollars to appear at the opening of the “Cratos” hotel in Northern Cyprus.
The resort, which is located in the Turkey occupied part of the island, will officially open on July 20 and host an exclusive Gala Night on July 24. The Gala Night will have a special series of exclusive events. Jennifer Lopez, her husband Mark Anthony, and their twin children Emme Maribel and ‘Max’ David will attend the event.

A very special birthday party will be organized on the night for Jennifer Lopez who will celebrate her 41st year. Cratos Premium has prepared a birthday party full of surprises for Jennifer Lopez – JLO and special guest artists coming from America.

One of the surprises is the fashion show by Roberto Cavalli. World famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli will visit Cratos Premium as a guest of Fashion TV and will organize a surprising fashion show for JLO.

Political Turmoil

Political action groups urged Lopez not to visit Turkish-occupied Cyprus and thereby endorse the illegal Turkish-military-invasion and illegal Turkish-military occupation of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) wrote in a statement that “the Turkish lobby is spending millions of dollars to also ensure that public relations specialists promote her visit and bring in Western reporters. Allegedly, even the “BBC” will be there for Lopez’s illegal visit. It is obvious that the human-rights-abusing Turkish government is using Jennifer Lopez in an attempt to purchase a false “normalcy” and false “legitimacy” for the bandit pseudo-state that is recognized by no-one but Turkey .”

The organization’s letter points out “it is especially pertinent that the Turkish lobby also chose July 20th 2010 as the date of her landing in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, a date that every Greek-Cypriot knows is the 36th year anniversary of Turkey’s illegal military-invasion of Cyprus that killed thousands of Greek-Cypriots, that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of Greek-Cypriots from their homeland, and also resulted in the rape of 800 Greek-Cypriot women."

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About the hotel: The hotel has 14 meeting rooms and a big ballroom. Beside the hotel's main restaurant, guests can also dine at 14 fine dining and gourmet restaurants within the Cratos Premium. Guests can enjoy their stay at 24 hours open beach club and swim at the blue waters of Mediterranean. Cratos Premium's 1 km long private beach will soon be the trendiest beach in Cyprus.

Here are pictures of the Hotel
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Jennifer Lopez To Join Taio Cruz For Remix, Music Video

Anthony Jones - AHN Entertainment Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (AHN) - When two hot superstars collide, the result could be "Dynamite." Taio Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are set to team up for a new music video and remix that's sure to be fire.

It all started when Taio Cruz tweeted and then subsequently removed, "Would you guys prefer a 'Dynamite' video featuring just me or a version with a massive female star duetting?"

If the answer is Jennifer Lopez, then yes. Lopez, who recently killed performances at the World Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards, became the female star in question, after some dancers leaked out the info that they were cast in a music video for Cruz and his new Island/Def Jam labelmate Lopez.

Choreographers and frequent Lopez collaborators Napoleon and Tabitha, or Nappytabs, also let out that they're set to work on Lopez's new video.

The track is Cruz's single "Dynamite," which is already #3 on iTunes behind Eminem and Katy Perry's latest. Cruz will release a Part 2 of the already chart-busting single featuring Lopez.

"Dynamite" is the latest single from Cruz's album "Rokstarr," which features collaborations with Ludacris and Ke$ha. Lopez is set to release her highly anticipated new album later this year.

LISTEN TO "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz

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