Jennifer Lopez How I Met Your Mother stills

Here are a few new still of Jennifer Lopez from her taping of the How I Met Your Mother set.

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X17 XCLUSIVE - Not Quite Jenny From The Block

Jennifer Lopez may have just parted ways with her record label, Sony's Epic Records, but that's not all she has to worry about. There's a J-Lo look-a-like on the loose! Well, not really. It's her ex hubby Ojani Noa's girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, who has been cast to play Jennifer in his upcoming movie.

X17online has exclusively obtained these shots from the set.

Claudia knows that the movie is controversial, but she's welcoming the attention. But with Jennifer being of Puerto Rican decent, she has a feeling J-Lo won't be showing her love. She tells X17online exclusively "I don't think Jennifer will like it...especially because I'm Mexican." Ay, caramba!

So how did Claudia get the part? Co-producer Ed Meyer tells X17online "As we can't legally use a lookalike of Jennifer Lopez, we need to use Ojani's girlfriend Claudia Vazquez."

Noa, along with co-producer Ed Meyer, has already started production on ESCAPING CUBA & THEN THE MAFIA…“How I created Jennifer Lopez!” The Ojani Noa Story. The 90-minute feature will begin when Noa and friends escaping Cuba. The film will also explore his high-profile relationship with Lopez, his struggling career as a bartender, as well as dive into his mob ties.

Noa and his megastar ex-wife have been involved in an ongoing legal battle involving their past as a couple, and keeping the details of their relationship under wraps.

This movie is certainly a pressure point. But can J-Lo prevent its release? With the case currently going through the court system, millions of dollars are at stake.

Who says Love Don't Cost a Thing?

Do you think Claudia will make a good J-Lo?


Damn so this means they are going ahead with the movie, I thought Jennifer had all of this stopped? NO!!!


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Anonymous said...

What a weirdo and his girlfriend doesn't even look like Jen. She looks more like his mother.

I swear Ojani is insane by saying "How I created Jennifer Lopez" What does that mean? He barely even spoke during interviews.

He needs to move on cuz this stuff makes him look desperate and crazy. --- Cattt