Buy a Valentine's-Inspired Tee Like the One Jennifer Lopez Wears!

Check out this showstopper from Forever 21! Perfect for Valentine's and beyond. This V-neck Foil Lips top -- red decal on heather gray cotton -- is slightly over sized but oh-so-cool.

In fact, the decal T-shirt has returned and everyone is going mad for them. Jennifer Lopez was seen walking around Hollywood with her heart on, and Katy Perry even opts for cute variations on the decal tee now and then. Their designer versions are close to a whopping $100, but this tee is $11.80!

Wear with jeans and flats or hightops. The great thing about this V-Day find is that after Feb. 14, it's still great to go!

- 97% cotton, 3% spandex
- Hand wash cold
- Sized medium to large

Buy it here.

By Sasha Charnin Morrison for To read more of the Recessionista blog, click here.



Angel Villa Gutierrez said...

Hey everyone, Jennifer is #1 searched on the yahoo trending now list!!!! Yay for her!!

The JLo Spot said...

Wow Angel great news, so happy for her. Thanks for the info : )

Angel Villa Gutierrez said...

No problem