UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez Celebrates her BDay 7.24.09

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 40th Birthday at dinner with close family and friends in Greenwich Village, NYC at Hotel Griffou.

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Jasmine said...

Jen looks great and Marc looks... just like always, Is it me or does he really always dresses the same?

Shevy said...

Yes he does. He always wears that valour blazer he has on.

And if YOu see his suit he wore to Jen's surprise Bday on Sat. He is wearing the same suit he has worn several times. Including to the El Cantante NY premier.

Thats funny cus when I saw that what u said was the 1st thing to pop in my mind.
I was thinking "man you mean to tell me he couldnt buy a new suit for his wife's Birthday Party.
What a looser.

Anonymous said...

I read on Beyonceworld that Mary J Blige, Beyonce, and Alicia Keyes were some of the guests at the party! Sounds like fun! -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

I know Alica Keys was there, she went with Swizz Beatz. But I didnt see pix of the others, only saw pix of Alicia, and some others but not Bee and Mary.