Who's Hollywood's hottest new mom? Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry?

Not surprisingly, motherhood was a big topic at Elle's Women in Hollywood gala Monday night at the Four Seasons, sponsored by Calvin Klein.

New moms Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez were showing off their bodacious post-baby bods.

Kidman, (Prada) Berry (Roberto Cavalli) and Lopez (Dolce & Gabbana) looked like they were back in fighting fit form.

Halleberr_jeffr_16067586_600How does Halle Berry balance motherhood and movie acting?

“Well, I’m just learning that. I’m only seven months into learning how to balance all those things. What I know for sure is that many women have done it before me, so its doable and I’m not too panicked about it. I’m learning as I’m going.”

The Dish Rag asked Jennifer Lopez who was looking after her twins last night. Marc Anthony, naturally.

And is it hard to be away from them?

“It really is. It’s hard to be away from them when I am doing my hair and makeup. I kept trying to put them on my lap and the makeup artist is like, can you move her?! And I’m like, 'No!' I have to have two babies on my lap! It’s difficult -– but it's just part of being a mum I guess."

Has being a mum changed the way you choose your roles ?

“I think being a mom will affect every single decision I’ll make for the rest of my life.”

Jenniferl_jeffr_16067546_600We asked Nicole Kidman how she chose her dress, and naturally the subject of babies came up.

"Oh, I picked it out ages ago and I don’t change my mind. When you have kids, you have to be pretty definitive. You just go 'That’s fine. I’ll wear that.' And then you hope!"

On working and having a family:

"So many women want to be able to have their toe at least in the workforce and they still want to have families. It’s a quandary, and at the same time, why not? Part of our job is to help each other to somehow achieve those things.”

Reporting: Sal Morgan

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