JLO's Blog Day 2

Here is the entry of day 2 on JLO's triathlon training blog.

Jennifer Lopez talks tri and charity in Central Park

We're not the only ones excited that Jennifer Lopez is competing in a triathlon for charity. She and Lucy Danziger, SELF editor-in-chief, were guests on Good Morning America yesterday spreading the news. See the segment.

The pair chatted with anchor Chris Cuomo live from Central Park about raising money for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, which Lopez has worked with for many years, and the challenges and rewards of training. Her advice to other novices thinking of competing: You can do it, too! "Start slow and give yourself time to work up to your goal," she said. "It's hard, but I have more energy, and I feel proud of myself. When I'm training, I keep telling myself, 'It's for the kids.'"

Doing it "for the kids" was a main reason Lopez decided to compete in the triathlon , and she's thrilled to raise money and awareness for one of the top children's hospitals in the country. (You can help, too! Support Jennifer's run by clicking on the "donate" link above.)

The segment was a huge success, except for one hiccup Jennifer had on her way in to Manhattan:

"We were late because we got a ticket by the tunnel! The police told the driver to pull over. I was sleeping in the back, and I'm like, What are we doing sitting on the side of the road?! I gotta be on the air in 15 minutes! Let us go! They didn't really see me, though. We took the ticket, then drove there as fast as we could."

Luckily the producers switched the segment's time slot, and Jennifer made it on the air to inspire even more women.

Keep checking back to read more about Jennifer's triathlon training progress and charity initiatives.

August 19, 2008

Please help Jen, and the women and children she is trying to help by donating money for Jen's triathlon run. All proceeds go to the CHLA mentioned above.
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