Fan Story: Jennifer Lopez at The Back-up Plan Premier & The Graham Norton Show

Here is a fan story along with some pictures taken by our good friend Jasmine at the premier of Jennifer Lopez & Alex O'Loughlin's new film "The Back-up Plan," and her story about seeing Jennifer Lopez at the taping of The Graham Norton Show.
Thanks Jasmin

Fan Story:

We went to Leicester square at 7 am cus we thought people would like to see JLo but there there was only 1 crazy lady, she was there since 5 am and she wasn’t even there for JLo, well not only for JLo, she was an autograph hunter. The cinema didn’t have any back up plan posters yet and there was nothing. We got there way to early but figured we couldn’t leave, or at least not far from the square, we wanted to be sure we were first at the spot.

It wasn’t that bad though cus we saw them building the stage and transform the cinema to a Back up plan cinema (hehe). It was all excited.

People started coming around 2 pm but no much, only annoying autograph hunters. I just didn’t understand, people kept passing by and saw they were setting something up but didn’t seem to care. Even when the cinema was transformed and the stage was ready…. There was a big screen and they were showing the back up plan trailer (saw It like 50 times that day) plus all you saw was JLo and Alex everywhere, but people didn’t seem to care about JLo, I really didn’t understand…

It took a long time before they were lots of people waiting for Jlo, I think it was already 5pm by that time and the premiere was set to start at 5.45.

I don’t remember everything, only how JLo arrived. I didn’t see the car arriving though, I still don’t know if we picked the right spot. We were opposite of the press. I just know that when she got out of the car she started signing and then she got on the stage and said a few words. Then got back to signing. That’s when she came to my direction, closer and closer, then she was there.. right in front of me…. Signing my photo I took with me. But now I feel like a retard cus I lost that minute. I cant remember it at all : ( Did she talk to me, did I thank her? I don’t remember. : ( I think she looked straight into my eyes, I don’t know why and I’m not even sure. But the image I have in my head right now is JLo giving me a weird look… I really don’t know, I hope not of course.

But OMG she is sooooo beautiful! I was in shock by her beauty! She is so much more beautiful in person, even more beautiful !! She is smaller than I expected, she’s perfect!!

She didn’t really interact with the fans, at least not were I was standing… I saw pix someone else took and she was laughing and talking to fans but I didn’t hear her say anything… I think. Plus she was kinda in a hurry when she came to us cus she had to talk to the press too, there was lots of press for different countries, Belgian TV was there too. Maybe we didn’t pick the right spot… I guess I’ll never know. I’m just so glad I got the autograph, I’m so thankful for that!

We had to go to the show after the premiere, we actually had to leave before JLo left the PINK carpet but the person who went with me didn’t have an autograph yet and we were waiting to see if she came back. The other person already left to the studio.

We had to RUN to the underground and take the metro. It wasn’t very far but we had no idea where the studio’s were. We asked someone on the street and he was so nice to look it up on his phone. So we again RAN down there. We had priority tickets and had to be there at the 8 pm, at the latest, it was almost 8.30 when we got there.

There were so many people standing there but I decided to pass them all by and talk to the guy at the entrance (sneaky of me, I know).

I heard him telling people they weren’t allowed to go in anymore and how they’d get a ticket to go see a show some other time.. I was getting so scared cus I started to get a feeling I lost my chance of seeing her at that show… I was ready to start crying.

BUT we talked to the guy and told him how we came from the premiere, that our friend was already there and that we came from another country. Plus we were on a list and he saw we had priority tickets. He tried calling someone inside but didn’t get an answer so he RAN inside. He ran back to us and told us to come with him quick! We got in and actually got good seats too. On the good side of the studio, right in front of JLO! With a pretty large distance but still really good! (added a pic so you can see were I sat)

The show didn’t start yet cus jlo was late too, of course she didn’t had to run like we haha I guess she did hurry cus she was wearing the same outfit as at the premiere. Funny thing about that cus the host told her she looked nice and she was like: “thank you but maybe a little overdressed” hehe I thought that was so cute.

I loved being there and seeing Jen for so long, it was so funny and cute, I really enjoyed it.

Some pictures taken of JLo by Jasmine
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Anonymous said...

thanks for the clip of graham norton. i was also surprised by Jen's autograph cuz i coulda swore she said in the interview that was she tired of "JLo". --- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

No prob :)

Well she did say in 1 of her radio interview late last year that JLo will never go. And she almost always signs like that cus its quick for her to sign more autographs like that.