Jennifer Lopez VMA seat

Welcome to seating day at the VMAs, the time when poster boards bearing the names (and photos) of superstar attendees are carefully arranged in Radio City's center aisle to ensure maximum wattage. It's a carefully plotted, downright political exercise — Who gets the front row? Who's next to whom? — and, as always, it leads to some rather amazing things.

Take the cluster of stars seated in row one: Placards bearing the likenesses of Beyoncé and Janet Jackson hold down one end, while "Jennifer's Body" co-stars Adam Brody and Megan Fox anchor the other. Behind them in row two? Oh, just Lady Gaga, Diddy and the members of Green Day.

Old buddies Eminem and 50 Cent are seated next to each other in row three, sharing space with the Kings of Leon. Taylor Swift, Chace Crawford and Kanye West are behind them, and in row five, why, it's "New Moon" stars Lautner and Stewart, sitting next to one another.

A quick look around reveals Pink and Jennifer Lopez squeezed in together, Katy Perry and Gerard Butler rubbing elbows, and — in perhaps the night's most WTF grouping — Shakira, Tracy Morgan and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin sharing armrests (cue the "Astronaut Jones" theme).

Check out Jennifer Lopez' VMA seating below.

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Jasmine said...

Where's my seat?! hahaha j/k

The JLo Spot said...

next to me and Jen LOL